What our clients are saying...

I can’t remember the last time that I over-ate.

It was probably before our last meeting [about 3 months ago] and something that I spoke to you about during our last meeting. I feel really happy about this and proud of myself. It has felt pretty easy to do this as well, not like an intense battle in my head. I regularly make time to ask myself how full or not I am. I am trying to eat healthy but I also eat the same foods as my family and have special foods with them like pizza and bagels. Since Halloween, we have had a lot of candy in the house of course which would normally be a huge trigger for me. Instead I am able to have one or two Hershey kisses for example if I want something sweet.

It feels so good to have a little treat but also to know that I am tasting it and enjoying it, instead of just waiting to put the next piece of candy in my mouth without thinking. I know there will be bumps in the road with food, but I feel like I have a very solid foundation to build on. I feel much calmer (and not triggered or anxious) around sweet foods and treats which is a huge victory for me.

I wanted to share this because I have you to thank for helping me reach this point. I often think of things you have told me when I am eating or about to eat. Your words and guidance continue to help me. I cannot thank you enough. I’m extremely grateful to you.”

“I started my journey away from diet culture after years of yo-yoing.

I found some great resources in various books and podcasts (listen to Maintenance Phase!) but I knew I needed something more personal. I came across Laura's website while looking for a HAES nutritionist and started working with her about five months ago.

To say Laura has completely changed my life would be an understatement. She presents information and exercises with the care and straight-forwardness of someone who has obviously worked with people who have eating disorders. I always look forward to our sessions, even when I know I will have to confront some uncomfortable truths about things I believed and the years I spent immersed in dieting. I wish everyone had access to this level of care; I'm convinced therapists like her could put the diet industry out of business and help everyone form a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. She's also just really warm and funny!

I'm close to the end of our program and feel mentally prepared to deal with the constant onslaught of diet culture and the temptation of "maybe this one will work." If you're on the fence, sign up for the initial consultation; you will not regret it.”

I've been seeing Alex for the past 6 months and she has truly changed my life.

I struggled a lot with body image issues and an unhealthy relationship with food. Alex worked with me to retrain my brain to improve my relationship with food. She is the first Registered Dietitian, of the dozen that I have seen, that acknowledges food is comforting and never once made me feel judged. Alex honestly made me feel beautiful and taught me to love who I am. She understands that our emotions can impact how we eat and works with you to teach you that is normal.

I felt extremely comfortable opening up to Alex when I had a hard week, whether personal or food related, and she always listened with such compassion. I love research and learning new things so Alex would share different articles or research with me that really explained things in a way I never would have thought of before. Knowing I had the support of Alex and her caring and compassionate demeanor has truly changed my life.

I am forever grateful for Alex. If you need a loving, caring, compassionate, and non judgemental RD you have found her!”

“After years of not being able to trust my body and ridiculous diets that never actually worked,

Laura has helped me so much in realizing that there is no “right way” to eat and no perfect body. I learned so much in the months working with her and I continue to work on changing my mindset around food, slowly but surely losing the need to obsess over how many calories I’m consuming/burning and creating a better relationship with it overall. She asks the questions that help you reflect on your own constructs of what is “right and wrong” about eating and takes an empathetic approach in educating you. Rather than a generalized treatment, she specifies her approach depending on each person’s needs and goals, and you can really tell it’s personalized to what you truly need.”

“I came with an open mind, since you don't really hear about intuitive eating.

“Now, I'm practicing the exercises Alex went over with me and incorporated them into my daily routine. I have a better understanding with myself and my food! I always said I was a foodie and now when I say it, it feels good to know there isn't a guilt trip. Alex was the most pleasant to have taken this journey on with. The book as well is a good guide however having someone to talk about where struggling lies was liberating. I was not judged and I felt heard overall. Thank you so much Alex!”

“I would 100% recommend working with Laura.

I've been a client of hers for the last six months. For the first time in maybe 10 years, I feel like I have found the path for a sustainable and healthy relationship with food and I am so grateful to her for helping me get there. Laura is highly knowledgable, totally professional, and truly an easy and natural person to speak with, which is so important when unpacking so many big feelings and behaviors. I find her to be very genuine and trusted her from my first session. She has been the most balanced and encouraging voice along my wellness journey, and I am very thankful to have found her!

“Laura is a phenomenal practitioner. She is compassionate, kind, and calm - the perfect trifecta.

I am a twentysomething, and from the first time I met with Laura I instantly felt a connection and as if I were speaking with an old friend. Laura has worked with me to uncover the roots of my disordered eating patterns and to rebuild my relationship with food through intuitive eating. She has validated all my experiences, and in working with her I have made great strides in improving my body image perception, eating, and movement patterns. Through sharing her ample knowledge and a plethora of resources, Laura supplies clients with an arsenal of tools for their toolbox - which I can personally say I use every day!

I will be forever grateful to have found Laura and cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone struggling with a complex relationship with food and self.

“A few days ago I took the train back to NY from NJ. I was hungry when I arrived...

at the train station in NJ, and the only thing that appealed to me at the cafe was a donut, which is typical when I’m at this train station. In the past, I would told myself that a donut would be too unhealthy and I would have just not gotten anything as nothing else appeals to me. Then, during the train ride, my hunger would escalate to extreme hunger, and then I would have binged on who knows what when I arrived in New York. This time, I ate the donut and enjoyed every bite of it. Then, when I arrived in New York, I picked up a salad on my way home and felt great about that too.

I’ve also noticed that I’m feeling much less triggered by all the toxic weight loss pressures around me. For example, the grocery store near me has a big sign that advertises ‘natural weight loss supplements’ which would always bother me when I would pass by it. Today, I passed by a book store and they had all of these weight loss books being promoted in the window. However, when I saw them, I just laughed and kept walking. And then it occurred to me that is growth!”Neil in New York, NY

“Alex is truly incredible! After way too many years of feeling stuck with dieting, I finally understand what it means to enjoy eating and trust my body’s cues. I never thought I would be able to keep ice cream or cookies in my apartment, but now it feels so easy to eat or not eat them whenever I want. And I have Alex to thank for getting me here!!”

“Laura was such a major help to me when I really needed it. She gave me a safe space to uncover where my disordered eating habits came from and mainly showed me that it's okay to accept those things and learn from them. Highly recommend to those who are sick of diet culture and want to heal their relationship with food. Laura gave me endless resources and a toolbox I will use for years to come. Laura also accommodated appointment changes completely effortlessly. If you have a busy schedule, she is very flexible with making different dates and times work. All calls are over zoom, which was a great way to feel comfortable in my own space for difficult conversations.”

“Laura is absolutely terrific. For the first time in my life, I have had a positive change related to my relationship with food, hunger and my body. Not only is she an expert in her field but she continually creates a safe and collaborate space that enabled me to be more comfortable in sharing my experiences, fears, failures, triumphs and hopes. I highly recommend working with Laura, she changed my life and I'm forever grateful.”

I would recommend Alex to anyone!! From the very first session, she made me feel totally comfortable being open and honest about topics I’d never had the confidence to talk about before. I learned so much in just a few months about how to shift my mentality around eating to have a healthier, happier relationship with food and my body. I’m forever grateful for Alex!”

My decision to work with Laura was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Throughout my life, I’ve tried countless diets, personal trainers, and various clinicians, and they’ve all led to me giving up. I told Laura that my #1 goal was to be able to keep “junk” food in the house and not worry about binging on them. By helping me improve my relationship with food and helping me understand that I can decide what a healthy lifestyle is for me based on what my body is telling me it needs, my emotional bandwidth, and the resources I have available, I can now honestly say I always have snacks in my pantry, I eat them whenever I want, and I feel great about it. I still have moments of insecurity, like we all do. However, I am so much less anxious about my size and my long-term health. I feel more confident in myself then I ever have.”

Laura has completely transformed the way I think about food and eating. I've spent the majority of my life thinking about the ‘shoulds’ with food, whether that's ‘I should be on a diet’ or ‘I should be eating whole foods’ or ‘I shouldn't care what people think of my diet and looks.’ In my time with Laura, she's helped me revisit those shoulds in a context of complete and total acceptance. At times, Laura's lack of judgment and approach of support and agency for her clients was shocking (in the best way possible). In working with Laura I never felt pressured, every decision was entirely my own, but I was given the tools and framing to consider a new approach. We've just scratched the surface and I'm excited to continue my work with Laura.”
Augusta in New York, NY

“I have been working with Laura for almost 6 months now and my attitude around food has completely changed. I didn't think it would be possible to make this much progress so quickly! My anxiety around eating is almost completely gone and I now have the knowledge to make good food choices after working with Laura. I feel like I can actually eat intuitively now.”
Shannon in Keene, NH

Laura was such an important part of my healing process through an eating disorder. She is kind, smart, extraordinarily non-judgemental, and works with you to develop a strategy for your specific needs. She is very intelligent about food and nutrition and helped me see things in ways I had never thought about before. She is not focused on weight at all (she doesn't even use a scale) so the work with Laura is purely around developing a peaceful and non-judgemental relationship with food. I am also amazed at how reasonably priced her services are! Work with Laura is focused on food, eating and nutrition so for anyone struggling with an eating disorder it is very important that you seek psychotherapy as well. But Laura was a huge help in reestablishing my relationship with my body and with food. Together with my therapist, they have helped me tremendously. Thank you, Laura!”
Denali in Queens, NY”

Working with Laura has been incredible and stabilizing in managing my relationship with wellness, diet, fitness. I'd previously paused the search for another nutritionist after a few experiences that didn't feel scalable or focused on long term approach. During appointments, her ability to both create structure and pivot into whatever is on my plate that week/month is really wonderful. She not only brings really rich experience and expertise, she has a special ability to balance professionalism with the candor of an old friend, even on that first meeting. Whether you're local or remote, I highly recommend working with Laura Silver.”
Saara in Brooklyn, NY

“What can I say about Laura, except only the most wonderful things? Not only is she supremely qualified and very knowledgable, but her kindness and generosity of spirit made opening up about my struggles with food and my body easier and less painful. She was gentle when I took steps backwards, and encouraging when I inched forwards, never judging me, and reminding me to try not to judge myself. I've met with a lot of different people over the years as I've managed my eating disorder, but none have brought such a great mix of knowledge, resources, and genuine sympathy to bear. I know that I will struggle with these issues for at least a while longer, but Laura helped me learn how to manage them in a more positive way, and to be gentler with myself during the journey. Thank you, Laura!”
Jenna in Los Angeles, CA

“I am nearing the end of a 3-month program with Laura and I couldn't be happier with the result: a more relaxed and joyful attitude towards my post-menopause body, and towards food. Laura's ability to meet me where I am, and to "prescribe" thought-provoking readings and journaling exercises specific to my life stage, identity and needs, is phenomenal. Our work has inspired me to deeply process and question long-held assumptions and serves as a powerful reminder to give myself some grace. In addition, she's a total professional and the logistics of working with her are super easy. I can't recommend Laura highly enough.
Leslie in Queens, NY

“Laura is FANTASTIC! Supportive, highly intelligent with a great sense of humor. She taught me to look at food, weight loss and my body in a whole new way and has great practical tips. This is the best experience I’ve had after a lifetime of diets, programs, therapists and nutritionists. Top recommendation!”
Julie in Brooklyn, NY

“After years of calorie counting, restriction, and overall confusion about what foods I should be eating, Laura was able to completely transform my relationship with food. Through Laura's genuine and thoughtful guidance, food has gone from the enemy to a joy and passion. Laura's approach is incredibly professional, flexible, and collaborative. In addition to her impressive knowledge, she also provided helpful takeaway resources along the way. I highly recommend Laura Silver Nutrition!”
Erin in New York, NY

“I worked with Laura for a span of about 3 months, and hope to work with her again in the future! She is one of the most compassionate people out there that does this type of work. She is very easy to talk to, and really knows her stuff. The price point of the service was exactly what I expected to pay, and was definitely worth it. She really makes you feel like you aren't alone in the struggle, and gives you a lot of personalized attention. I can really see improvements in my relationship with food over a very short span of time!
Rachel in Boston, MA

“Laura has helped me tremendously. I've spent years on the weight loss/gain rollercoaster, and had been particularly stuck for the last few years after a major life change. I'd fail to lose weight, beat myself up, stress eat, gain more weight, and beat myself up more. She's helped me to find a better, much healthier approach to my weight, and I'm well on my way to having the stronger, healthier body I've been wanting for a long time.
Loring in Dorothy, NJ“

Laura is wonderful! She has been amazing in helping me understand the reasons and my emotions behind my overeating, and I love her take on nutrition and "health". She has not only helped me to better love myself and listen to my own body, but has also helped me to better love the other people in my life. It has been one of the best investments I've made. :)”
Claudia in Philadelphia, PA

“Working with Laura was great. She was patient, let me go at my own pace, and always supportive. Over time, I found my attitudes toward food slowly changing, so I could broaden my variety and not feel so guilty. This helped me to not binge around the holidays or other situations where good food was available. Thank you, Laura, for helping me change my relationship with food!”
Tyler in Brooklyn, NY

“Laura was hugely helpful in helping me get my health back on track. I was struggling with body dysmorphia and with unhealthy eating habits. As she puts it, American eating culture is closely aligned with eating disorder culture, so it is often difficult to acknowledge. Laura identified unhealthy habits, such as "body checking", that I didn't even realize I had. Through her coaching, assigned readings, and worksheets, Laura helped me to reorient myself and to find new, healthy ways of thinking about food and body image.”
Elizabeth in New York, NY

“Laura is wonderful! She has really helped me look at food, and what health and nutrition means to me. It's really liberating not to think about food so much and to listen to my own cues more and more. She is incredibly thoughtful and really listens, and she makes you stop and think about what you are saying and how you are doing things - all while being completely without judgement and totally supportive. It's been a great experience for me.”
Alix in Brooklyn, NY

“Laura is extremely knowledgeable, yet she presents information carefully, selectively, and most of all kindly. I think I'm one of her older clients - 78 years old - and I've never been able to diet successfully. I needed help with diet modifications because of diabetes. Laura introduced me to a new way thinking about food, and how important it is to enjoy eating again.  I like to tell my friends that she practices guilt attrition. I now have the skills and, especially important, the encouragement I need to make changes in what and how I eat, and confidence that I can continue on the nutritional path to feel better. Thanks Laura!”
Maria in Hartford, CT

“Laura was a game changer for my eating disorder voice. She's a master at keeping a kind and understanding approach while challenging you to reshape your thinking about nutrition and your body. I'm now able to differentiate when I'm intuitively eating or when my "food police" is showing up.”
Hannah in Brooklyn, NY“

Laura is amazing! From our very first meeting she was patient, informative and wanted to really know where I was and what my goals were. I am 3 months in have really started to change the way I look at food and taking care of myself. The tools she is giving me will stay with me for the duration! I have become healthier and happier with my relationship to food and have more energy. Looking forward to the next 3 months with Laura Silver!!! Thank you Laura!!!!”
Kim on Long Island, NY

Laura is knowledgeable, genuine and understanding. I have been stuck a number of times in my journey. She has helped me through. I strongly recommend her services. Besides, I really like her!”
Mary in Brooklyn, NY

She’s been so great! I really feel like I have been able to take control over something I felt I had no control over for a large part of my life. Definitely would recommend!Bobby in Brooklyn, NY“I can't recommend Laura highly enough. I came a long way in a short time with my relationship to food and feel grateful for the experience. I now have a healthy foundation that I can continue to build on.
Paul in Brooklyn, NY

“Laura is great! She has amazing resources to share and lots of interesting insight about intuitive eating and listening to your body. She’s open to tailoring meetings to your needs. She’s professional and has abundant knowledge about the space. She’s also responsive to emails between sessions to help you along!”
Kami in Brooklyn, NY

“Laura helped me to improve my relationship with food through a very customized approach, and this is what I liked about her most! We never opted for a standard “known” paths but rather sought to adjust healthy habits to my body needs. She is a very attentive nutritionist and I would certainly recommend her to anyone seeking to feel more comfortable around food and have a healthier lifestyle.
Anush in Rye, NY

“Laura is awesome! She's so smart and informed and has tons of completely doable tips and tricks in her arsenal to help you learn to eat healthier! If anything doesn't seem doable, she'll be the first to try and fix and adjust. After a few short months, I've quickly been seeing change in appetite, cravings, and general way of thinking towards food.
Rachel in New York, NY

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